2023 NFL Week 2: Lessons from Eagles’ Thursday Win

In a world where football fans were craving more excitement after a thrilling Week 1, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Minnesota Vikings didn’t disappoint on Thursday night. This clash of titans (well, maybe not titans, but you get the idea) gave us plenty to chew on. So, let’s dive right into the juicy bits of what transpired on the gridiron.

Eagles Embrace the Ground Game: Run Forrest, Run!

Week 2: Eagles vs. Vikings Halftime

The Eagles kicked off the season with a somewhat rusty offense, leaving us all wondering if their playbook was written in invisible ink. But then came Week 2, and offensive coordinator Brian Johnson decided it was time to dust off the old running game. It’s almost as if he had a pregame epiphany: “Hey, we have this thing called a running back, and maybe we should use him!”

Lo and behold, the Eagles unleashed D’Andre Swift, and he responded with a career night that left the Vikings’ defense questioning their life choices. Swift ran for a jaw-dropping 175 yards and even found the end zone for good measure. Johnson also gets a gold star for his mid-game adjustment when the Eagles’ offense was about as effective as a screen door on a submarine. A back-to-basics approach and a run-heavy drive later, and the Eagles were soaring high.

Vikings and Their Halftime Curse

If there’s one thing the Vikings are consistent at, it’s turning promising halftime leads into halftime heartbreaks. Week 1 against the Buccaneers, they had a shot to take a lead into the break but ended up with a turnover. Fast forward to Thursday night, and history repeated itself.

With the ball at the Eagles’ 31-yard line and 45 seconds left in the half, the Vikings had a chance to change their luck. But Justin Jefferson, in a moment of sheer generosity, gifted the Eagles a fumble at the 1-yard line. The result? Instead of going into halftime with a lead, the Vikings found themselves trailing by six. Remember, folks, football isn’t just about touchdowns and field goals; it’s also about not losing the ball and avoiding halftime meltdowns.

Jalen Hurts: From Slow Start to Soaring High

 lessons from eagles' thursday win

Jalen Hurts had some ups and downs in Week 2, like a roller coaster with a loose seatbelt. He started slow, with an underthrown pass that could’ve been a touchdown but was more of a “please catch this” toss. There was also that moment when he seemed baffled by the Vikings’ defensive antics, telegraphing a pick that had fans shaking their heads.

But as the game progressed, Hurts found his rhythm. He connected with DeVonta Smith for a 54-yard beauty (albeit with some room for improvement) and generally got more comfortable in the pocket. Sure, the offensive line allowed four sacks, and there were a few missed connections, but there’s hope on the horizon for Hurts and his downfield aspirations. A little more practice and he’ll be threading the needle like a pro.

Vikings’ Fumble Fiasco

The Vikings seem to have developed a peculiar fondness for fumbling this season. In fact, they’re on track to set records, and not the good kind. Four lost fumbles in 31 minutes of play against the Eagles? That’s almost impressive in its ineptitude. If you throw in the two fumbles from Week 1, they’re leading the league in this unfortunate category.

Kirk Cousins, in particular, seems to have a newfound talent for coughing up the ball. Whether it’s three fumbles in this game or a pick in Week 1, he’s become a turnover machine. It’s not all on him, though; the Vikings’ offensive line resembles a slice of Swiss cheese at the moment, allowing more sacks than a grocery store. Whatever the case, they need to fix this fumbling frenzy fast, or they’ll find themselves in deeper trouble than a cat in a dog park.

Eagles’ Secondary Survives the Storm

 lessons from eagles' thursday win

In the midst of all the chaos, the Eagles’ secondary faced its own set of challenges. With key players inactive or nursing injuries, the backup crew had to step up. Let’s just say, they had their moments—none of them particularly great.

Mario Goodrich and Josh Jobe had their share of struggles, with Goodrich looking like a deer caught in the headlights as soon as he replaced an injured teammate. Jobe, on the other hand, had a memorable (for all the wrong reasons) moment against Vikings’ wide receiver Jordan Addison. It was a 62-yard touchdown that left fans wondering if they’d accidentally switched to a comedy show.

Even Darius Slay, who once dominated Justin Jefferson, had his hands full, allowing 11 catches for 159 yards. The Eagles’ secondary clearly needs some TLC (and maybe a few extra practices) before their Week 3 showdown with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Next Gen Stat of the Game

In a game where stats were flying around like confetti at a parade, one stood out: Jalen Hurts’ performance against the blitz. When the Vikings sent the kitchen sink his way, Hurts completed 8 of 11 passes for 153 yards and a touchdown, earning a passer rating that would make any quarterback proud. However, when the Vikings decided not to blitz, his numbers dropped faster than a lead balloon. Perhaps they should’ve stuck to the blitzing strategy all night?

In conclusion, the Eagles’ Week 2 victory over the Vikings was a wild ride filled with twists, turns, and the occasional pratfall. It’s a reminder that in the NFL, you never know what you’re going to get, and that’s what keeps us coming back for more. So, buckle up, football fans, because this season promises to be one for the books—or at least for the blooper reel.

“Jefferson & Moss: NFL’s Youthful Receiving Legends

 lessons from eagles' thursday win

In the chaos of Week 2’s football frenzy, one stat shone bright: Justin Jefferson and Randy Moss, the only under-25 players with 5,000+ receiving yards. Jefferson’s brilliance leaves defenders floundering, while Moss’s legend lives on. As we bid farewell to Week 2, football’s unpredictability keeps us hooked. Week 3 promises more thrills—fumbles, dazzling catches, and jaw-dropping stats. The NFL season’s a wild ride, so keep those jerseys on, nachos close, and remotes ready. It’s a season of ups, downs, fumbles, and soaring touchdowns. Stay tuned!”



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