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Oscar Bobb expressed his gratitude for the experience of making his Champions League debut this week in a very positive manner.

Bobb, an academy graduate, entered the game in the 83rd minute as a substitute for Phil Foden, and helped our team win 3-1 at home against Red Star Belgrade to start Group G with three crucial points.

Bobb’s influence on the first team group has pleased manager Pep Guardiola, who has praised the midfielder’s bravery, versatility, and work ethic.

The 20-year-old was thrilled to get the opportunity to compete in major European leagues under Guardiola’s guidance.

Bobb remarked, “Great win, we’re all very happy, and it’s a great start to the new campaign.”


“I’m thrilled to be making my Champions League debut, and I’m grateful to be joining such a talented club.

“The manager did a great job of preparing us; we were playing a very formidable opponent. We had plenty of possession and had opportunities in the first half, but we failed to capitalize on the last few opportunities.

“Obviously, losing 0–1 at halftime was frustrating, but we got back together at the half and finished the job.”

“We persisted in our actions, created opportunities, and the goal materialized.”

Bobb is now keen to have even more of an impact in 2023–2024 as he competes with players like Foden, Jeremy Doku, and Jack Grealish for playing time.

Despite his admiration for the trio and his belief that they are “big footsteps to follow,” he still aspires to put in his best effort in order to accrue more playing time.

It inspires me to enter this setting, which is the best in the world, and it’s wonderful that they are still modest.

“It’s big footsteps to follow but it’s a big motivation with Jack [Grealish] and Jeremy [Doku] and Phil [Foden], who’s been one of the best young players in the world for the past three or four years, and what they’ve done for the club over the past couple of seasons.”


1.What role did Oscar Bobb play in the most recent Champions League encounter, and who is he?

A teenage midfielder named Oscar Bobb made his Champions League debut for an unidentified football team. He replaced Phil Foden in the game and was a key player in their 3-1 triumph over Red Star Belgrade.

2.What effect did Oscar Bobb’s performance have on Pep Guardiola, the manager?Oscar Bobb’s performance won praise from Pep Guardiola, who praised his boldness, adaptability, and work ethic.

3.Oscar Bobb made his Champions League debut. What did he say?Oscar Bobb talked on how happy he was to be making his debut, how appreciative he was to be a part of such a great team, and how much he respected guys like Jack Grealish, Jeremy Doku, and Phil Foden.

4.How did the first half of the game go for Oscar Bobb’s team?It was disheartening for Bobb’s squad to be down 0-1 at halfway in the first half despite having possession and opportunities.

5.What was the strategy used by Oscar Bobb’s squad to win the second half?Bobb’s squad rallied, continued to create chances, pressed forward, and eventually scored in the second half to win 3-1.

6.Which players are in competition with Oscar Bobb for playing time?Oscar Bobb faces competition from players such as Jack Grealish, Jeremy Doku, and Phil Foden for playing time.

7.Oscar Bobb is a competitive player; how does this make him feel?Competing against players like Phil Foden, Jeremy Doku, and Jack Grealish inspires Bobb because he sees them as role models and sources of inspiration.

8.What goals does Oscar Bobb have for the next season?Oscar Bobb hopes to acquire more playing time and expects to make an even bigger impact in the 2023–2024 season.

9,Which aspects of Oscar Bobb does Pep Guardiola find admirable?Oscar Bobb’s bravery, adaptability, and work ethic have been recognized by Pep Guardiola as factors that have positively impacted the team.

10.What happened to the game that Oscar Bobb made his Champions League debut in?Oscar Bobb’s team defeated Red Star Belgrade 3-1 in the Champions League to take three vital points out of Group G.

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