Borna Gojo

Borna Gojo: Tennis Maverick’s Bold Vision

The 25-year-old tennis prodigy from Split, Croatia, Borna Gojo, has been in the news for his outstanding performance at the US Open.
We’ll go into Gojo’s thrilling path, his open ideas on tennis, and his probable matchup with Djokovic in this piece. A thought-provoking and entertaining book is coming your way.

Rising Star Borna Gojo

Borna Gojo’s journey at Flushing Meadows has been nothing short of extraordinary. Despite having only one Grand Slam main draw victory to his name, he stormed into the US Open from the qualifiers. With only one set lost in the ensuing five victories, he accomplished a rare achievement that demonstrated his great talent and tenacity.

His breakthrough came when he won by scores of 6-3, 6-4, 6-4 over the in-form Mackenzie McDonald in the second round.As a result, Gojo is on the cusp of breaking into the top 100 rankings for the first time, currently projected at number 88.

In a candid moment with journalists in his native Croatian, Gojo reflected on his journey, stating, “I prayed to God to finish in three, since it was really warm. I am glad I was able to serve it out, since I messed it up a couple of times in the past – here and at the other Slams.”

Gojo’s Take on Tennis Atmosphere

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But Gojo’s conversation wasn’t limited to his victories. He had a lot to say about the state of tennis itself. “I don’t mind the noise. I played college tennis, so for me, it’s always – the crazier, the better. I am used to it,” he revealed. “I like it when the atmosphere gets a bit tense because tennis is an extremely boring sport. As a spectator, you have to stay silent… I would change that, look at the other sports.”

Gojo’s Call for Change in Tennis

Gojo didn’t stop there. In order to increase the excitement in tennis, he emphasized his wish and even suggested several rule modifications. “I feel tennis is a dying product and that we need more of that,” he exclaimed. “I would change all the rules! Firstly, I would like for ball boys to bring the towels because I have to walk every time. I would love if the players were allowed a shoulder bump or trash talk, a bit of provocation. We don’t have to fight, but I would like to be able to say something to my opponent.”

He continued, “The way things are now – I say something, and they call the police instantly, it’s so rigid.”

Gojo’s ideas didn’t stop with the players. He also had suggestions for the spectators. “I would like for the spectators to be able to walk and talk. Some players have a problem with someone moving in the 77th row of the stands at the biggest stadiums. On outside courts, everybody is walking, so what? I would allow for people to come and go as they please, so that they don’t have to wait for two games. I know how it feels from my time as a fan.”

Addressing Swearing in Sports

Borna Gojo

Gojo also had strong words for the media’s focus on swearing in sports. “I think it’s ridiculous what you journalists do. Let’s make a piece then about everything that was said during a football or basketball match. What sort of things are those?I will swear again,” he stated defiantly. “People say that I don’t know how to behave. Well, those people should go on the court, do something, get off the couch, play some sports, play at Wimbledon – and then we can talk if they don’t swear.”

The Potential Clash with Djokovic

Intriguingly, Gojo’s journey at the US Open might lead to a fourth-round showdown with none other than Novak Djokovic. Speaking about the possibility, Gojo said, “My head is burned from the sun, I don’t even know who am I playing next (Jiry Vesely). In case I do play Novak, it would be an amazing opportunity.”

Embracing Individuality in Sports

Gojo also offered insights into the need for athletes to be authentic. “It’s all normal, well done for him,” he remarked regarding NBA champion Nikola Jokic. “Do athletes have to be robots? For me, it’s stupid to try to be something that I am not. I am not better or smarter than your average man; I am trying to do my job the best I can, so why would anybody care if I go and have a couple of drinks afterward…”

He emphasized that the constant surveillance athletes face can be challenging, stating, “The problem is that nowadays, everybody is recording you everywhere. If I were in Nikola Jokic’s shoes, I’d end up in the papers three times a day.”

Celebrating Diversity in Tennis

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Gojo acknowledged the distinction of each player’s trip as he concluded his open dialogue. They deserve credit for being who they are, I say. All three players—Nole, Federer, and Nadal—have distinct lifestyles. The amount of trophies Djokovic has won prevents him from celebrating after each one or he would have become inebriated. Who am I to criticize anyone else’s choices? Every person acts in a way that they feel is best for them.

Finally, Borna Gojo’s enlivening candor and zeal for transformation have ignited an engrossing discussion on the future of tennis. No matter your opinion of his ideals, there’s no denying that he adds energy to both the court and off it.


1. Is Borna Gojo the upcoming tennis star? Borna Gojo has the ability to have a huge impact on the tennis world after his recent success at the US Open.

2. What are Borna Gojo’s opinions on the present tennis landscape? Gojo is willing to tweak the rules to make tennis more exciting because he thinks the game requires more energy.

3. In the US Open, will Borna Gojo take on Novak Djokovic? A fourth-round encounter between Gojo and Djokovic at the US Open is a possibility and has the potential to be exciting.

4. How does Borna Gojo feel about athletes being themselves? Gojo encourages athletes to be authentic and not conform to unrealistic expectations.

5. What does Gojo think about the media’s emphasis on profanity in sports? Gojo thinks it’s absurd and that there are more significant things of sports to discuss.

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