Back in the Champions League, Arsenal look like they belong - ESPN

Champions League Return: Arsenal Belong 2023

TORONO — Arsenal’s excitement about their first Champions League appearance in six years was so great that they included the competition’s anthem’s lyrics in the matchday program.

Champions League Return: Arsenal Belong 2023


When “Zadok the Priest” finally started, not many people joined in the song’s chorus, but there was a noticeable roar as the first few notes echoed through a rain-soaked Emirates Stadium, providing a therapeutic outlet for the hurt caused by their protracted absence from the top club circuit in Europe.

Champions League Return: Arsenal Belong 2023

With the confidence usually associated with seasoned Champions League players, the Gunners easily defeated PSV Eindhoven 4-0 on Wednesday.

Back in the Champions League, Arsenal look like they belong - ESPN

They were determined to grab their chance back in the big time, and they did not let it down. But none of the starting lineup from their last game, a 5-1 home loss to Bayern Munich in March 2017, remains with the team.

Since Mikel Arteta is a rookie in the Champions League and the only remaining member of the squad from that night is midfielder Mohamed Elneny, the home team could have been forgiven for approaching this prestigious event a little cautiously. Despite the energy pumping through their veins, none was visible.

In his press conference following the game, Arteta remarked, “It was great to see the atmosphere and the Champions League music.” Before it, everyone started to become a little emotional. Yes, I was feeling things. I was giddy with anticipation. I was quite excited, but I also wanted to maintain control and not show it too much.

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“The trip began last year when we, as a club, acquired the opportunity to participate in this competition. In order to maintain our current level, we must now generate what we need.

“I believe we handled that intensity well.

Back in the Champions League, Arsenal look like they belong - ESPN

Speaking of pleasure, We must compete at this level, of course, but you also need to savor these moments because, in the end, that’s what will likely be remembered.”

PSV’s defense, it must be admitted, was very Europa League, but Arsenal displayed the kind of merciless efficiency in front of goal that Arteta has lamented throughout the team’s Premier League season thus far.


1.When was Arsenal’s last Champions League appearance before this one?

Arsenal’s last Champions League appearance prior to this one was in the 2016-2017 season.

2. Who is Arsenal’s current manager?

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Mikel Arteta was the manager of Arsenal. You mentioned him in your text as well.

3. How did Arsenal perform in their recent Champions League match against PSV Eindhoven?

Arsenal won the match against PSV Eindhoven with a score of 4-0, as mentioned in your text.

4. Who scored for Arsenal in the match against PSV Eindhoven?

The specific goal scorers in the match may vary, and I don’t have access to real-time data. You might want to check a sports news website or app for the latest details.

5. How many times has Arsenal won the UEFA Champions League?

As of my last knowledge update, Arsenal has won the UEFA Champions League once, in the 2003-2004 season.

6. Who are some key players in Arsenal’s current squad for the Champions League?

The composition of Arsenal’s squad can change over time, and it’s best to refer to the club’s official website or a reliable sports news source for the most up-to-date squad information.

7. What is the significance of “Zadok the Priest” in Arsenal’s Champions League return?

“Zadok the Priest” is the anthem of the UEFA Champions League. Its inclusion in the matchday program likely added to the excitement and nostalgia for Arsenal fans who had been waiting for the team’s return to the competition.

8. How did fans react to Arsenal’s return to the Champions League?

Your text mentions that there was a noticeable roar from the fans as the Champions League anthem played, indicating their excitement and emotional connection to the competition.

9. Did Arsenal have a successful run in the Champions League this season?

Information about Arsenal’s performance in the Champions League in your text is limited to the match against PSV Eindhoven. You may need to check recent sports news for updates on their performance in the current season.

10. What are Arsenal’s goals and expectations in the Champions League this season?

Arsenal’s goals and expectations in the Champions League can vary from season to season. It’s best to follow their progress in the competition through official club announcements and sports news outlets for the most accurate information.

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