Chandler Jones Questions Aaron Hernandez's Death"

Chandler Jones Questions Aaron Hernandez’s Death”

Chandler Jones, an NFL player who has shared a number of strange things on social media in recent weeks, went live on Thursday and recorded himself talking about Aaron Hernandez, a former teammate of his, before sobbing uncontrollably.

“Oh, you guys were unaware of the true extent of Josh McDaniels’ abuse of Aaron Hernandez?” Jones, the former assistant coach of the Patriots, asks in the video “If you don’t know the truth about Aaron Hernandez, did you think he committed suicide while incarcerated?”

According to TMZ,

the 33-year-old former All-Pro defensive end discusses a wide range of subjects during the 25-minute broadcast, including his knowledge of ISIS, the Illuminati, and government secrets.

Chandler Jones Questions Aaron Hernandez's Death"



At one point in the video, Jones converses with his neighbor as well, telling him that he’s attempting to defend the neighborhood and inviting him over for gumbo.

At some point,

Jones mentions the late Aaron Hernandez—whom he calls “Chico”—and eventually starts crying. Hernandez, who was with the New England Patriots in 2012 alongside Jones, was convicted of first-degree murder in 2013 and was found dead in his cell in prison.

You all thought my n—— Chico committed suicide while incarcerated?” In the video, Jones poses this question before breaking down in tears and averting the camera from his face. He then abruptly ends the livestream after a few moments.

The video was posted while Jones was still not in the league following his placement on the Las Vegas Raiders’ non-football illness list just over a week ago.

After Jones claimed in a previous tweet on Monday night that he had been taken to a hospital “against my will” by the Las Vegas Fire Department one week prior, worries about his mental state have only increased.

Chandler Jones Questions Aaron Hernandez's Death"

“I have not committed any wrongdoing. He stated in a since-deleted post to X, “The police said people were worried about me because of my posts online.”

Before the incident, Jones had written a number of harsh posts attacking the Raiders front office for preventing him from practicing with the team and making him use a neighborhood gym rather than the organization’s facilities.


Q1: Who is Chandler Jones?

A1: Chandler Jones is a former NFL player known for his time as a defensive end, particularly with the New England Patriots and later with the Arizona Cardinals.

Q2: What did Chandler Jones talk about in his live video? A2: In the video you mentioned, Chandler Jones discussed various topics, including allegations about his former teammate Aaron Hernandez, conspiracy theories, and government secrets.

Q3: Who is Aaron Hernandez, and what happened to him? A3: Aaron Hernandez was a former NFL player who played for the New England Patriots. He was convicted of first-degree murder in 2013 and was found dead in his prison cell. His death was officially ruled a suicide.

Q4: Why did Chandler Jones mention Aaron Hernandez in his video? A4: In the video, Jones, who was a former teammate of Hernandez, seemed to bring up questions and concerns about Hernandez’s death, implying that there might be more to the story.

Q5: Why was Chandler Jones not in the NFL at the time of the video? A5: Chandler Jones was not in the NFL at that time because he was placed on the Las Vegas Raiders’ non-football illness list, and there were concerns about his mental state.

Q6: What did Chandler Jones mean when he said he was taken to a hospital “against my will”? A6: Chandler Jones mentioned that he was taken to a hospital “against his will” after concerns were raised about his online posts. The exact circumstances and reasons for this hospitalization are not provided in the information.

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