Eagles' Undefeated Streak: Work in Progress 2023

Eagles’ Undefeated Streak: Work in Progress 2023

DETROIT, PAUL When the Washington Commanders quarterback, Sam Howell, finds wide receiver Jahan Dotson in the end zone with one second left in regulation, you can tell the Philadelphia Eagles are in trouble because you can hear the fans screaming “Oh, nooooooo” from underneath the stadium.


This is how you can tell that Eagles fans aren’t really that worried about their team’s apparent early-season struggles: hundreds of them, most of them in their new Kelly Green throwback jerseys, left the stadium minutes before the game was even decided by a 54-yard field goal from Jake Elliott.

Eagles' Undefeated Streak: Work in Progress 2023

They were either going to their cars or a bar after the game, while the Eagles were still pulling off an overtime victory on Sunday to maintain their undefeated record.

It didn’t help that the Eagles were so close to losing to the Commanders again in 2022, as it was their first defeat of the season.

Take the safe option and kick the extra point to force overtime instead of going for a two-point conversion that would have won the game outright. Ron Rivera, who had acquired the nickname “Riverboat” for his fondness for high-rick plays, made the proper decision.

His side had already completed a flawless two-minute drill, tearing through the Eagles defence pass after pass with one after another Sam Howell throw. They appeared worn out, Eagles. Can’t we just go for two and win?

Rivera described his own team as “gassed.” “The drive was quite lengthy.” 

Eagles' Undefeated Streak: Work in Progress 2023

And that was all. Although the Commanders are 2-2, the NFC East might not be done with them just yet this season based on their tenacity, especially Howell, who had been beaten by nine sacks from the Buffalo Bills the previous week.

The Commanders had made some strong drives this season, but it was impressive to pull off the feat against the Eagles with the game on the line, according to Rivera. He then hammered his fist against the lectern.

There are no moral triumphs, according to Rivera. “We’re going to grow from it, and I believe this will support us in the future.”

Eagles' Undefeated Streak: Work in Progress 2023

The Eagles have pledged that they are still a work in progress after every victory during the first month of the season. This victory won’t alter that narrative, Eagles supporters’ concerns, or some people’s—very probably accurate—belief that everything will work out just fine, to the point where sitting in traffic is a more practical option than waiting for the Eagles to win.

Prior to Sunday, the passing game’s sluggish start and Jalen Hurts were the main causes for concern. Fear not—Hurts completed his pass attempt with 319 yards, two touchdowns, and no interceptions. The Eagles still managed to run for 104 yards against the greatest defensive front they had encountered. Hurts started the day with short passes on the opening drive before finding A.J. Brown for a 59-yard bomb and again for a 28-yard touchdown in the third quarter. Even on Sunday, the Eagles had to wait for the offence to get going.

Eagles' Undefeated Streak: Work in Progress 2023

After the game, Hurt remarked, “I think pressure and tension build character.” “This was the kind of game we needed.” Since winning is difficult, I believe that a victory like this boosts a team’s morale greatly. Winning is difficult.

Probably so would the Eagles defence. They were erratic, giving up 290 yards of passing to Howell while failing to capitalise on the pass rush early on (Howell was sacked five times).

Their season-opening loss of more than 76 rushing yards (the Commanders had 107 yards) came in this particular game. After mounting a comeback in the third quarter, the Eagles managed to hold the Commanders without allowing a point. The Eagles’ biggest break came on the opening play of overtime when Terry McLaurin, a receiver for the Commanders, seemed to catch a ball from Howell on third down.

Nevertheless, McLaurin was unable to land in bounds and continue the drive because he fell on Reed Blankenship’s left forearm, as seen by the vivid red markings close to his elbow. Rather, the commanders were forced to punt. They were never able to recover the ball.

After four weeks,

Eagles' Undefeated Streak: Work in Progress 2023

the Eagles have faced several challenges. During the game-winning drive, Hurts was called for intentional grounding, which caused a prolonged sigh in the stadium.

This was one of 11 penalties that almost completely destroyed the Eagles. Brown was called for taunting after he scored a touchdown late in the game to give the Eagles a brief lead.

This gave the commanders a favourable field position to begin their game-tying drive. The Eagles must, though, be ready for a gruelling sequence of games that starts in three weeks, following victories over the Rams and Jets.

There are then games against the Dolphins, Commanders again, Cowboys, Chiefs, Bills, 49ers, and Cowboys, which begin in mid-October and go for over two months.

Brown’s admission following the game that he cannot make errors like the taunting penalty is telling. On the sidelines, Hurts was the one to tell him he couldn’t succeed.

One aspect of the Eagles’ progress is this fine-tuning of the details. One of the most talented teams in the league is a long way from the finish line, but they are far from a finished product.

Centre Jason Kelce stated, “I would love to blow a team out.” But I’ll accept it. Gains are gains. We’re still managing to win games even if we’re not playing our best ball at the moment.”

In brief:

Eagles' Undefeated Streak: Work in Progress 2023

The football match between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington Commanders is discussed in the book. It focuses on tense and thrilling moments in the game, such as a late field goal and the Commanders’ failed two-point conversion try. According to the story, the Eagles prevailed in overtime to keep their perfect record.

Questions & Answers:

1.Who are the teams that the text mentions?

The Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington Commanders are the teams that are being discussed.

2.What was the game’s result?

The game was won in overtime by the Philadelphia Eagles.

3.What part did Sam Howell play in the game, and who is he?

The quarterback for the Washington Commanders, Sam Howell, participated in a number of pivotal plays during the contest.

4.Why did several Eagles supporters depart the stadium prior to the outcome of the game?

It’s possible that some Eagles supporters left the stadium early to avoid traffic or because they were worried about the team’s performance.

5.How did Jalen Hurts, the quarterback for the Eagles, fare during the game?

With 319 throwing yards, two touchdowns, and no interceptions, Jalen Hurts had a strong showing.

6.What difficulties did the Eagles’ defence encounter during the match?

The defence of the Eagles had to overcome obstacles like giving up penalties and passing yards. They had trouble at first, but as the game went on, they were able to get better.

7.What does the passage say about the Eagles’ prospects and areas in which they still need to develop?

According to the text, even though the Eagles have been winning, they are still a work in progress and still use some fine-tuning. Although the team is not yet a polished product, it is thought to have potential.

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