Giants vs. Cardinals: Week 2 NFL Picks

The RB for the Browns Nick Chubb has sustained a knee injury, and it is anticipated that he will miss the remainder of the season.

Nick Chubb, a standout running back for the Cleveland Browns, was injured against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday night and had to be carted off the field with a knee injury. Following the game, Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski stated that he believes Chubb will be out for the remainder of the season.

Giants vs. Cardinals: Week 2 NFL Picks

At the end of a rush of 5 yards early in the second quarter, Chubb was involved in a collision with the safety for the Steelers, Minkah Fitzpatrick. During the tackle that Fitzpatrick gave to Chubb, the latter’s legs became awkwardly bent below him.

After the play, a fellow player reached for Chubb’s hand in an effort to assist him in getting to his feet. Chubb shook his head and clutched his left knee when the attempt was made. He removed the chinstrap from his headgear and rolled onto his side.

In 2015, while Chubb was carted a student at the University of Georgia, he sustained a catastrophic injury to the same knee. The injury was a dislocation with three ruptured ligaments. Because it was so upsetting to watch, ESPN chose not to air any replays of the play in which he was injured on Monday night. This was similar to the situation with the last incidents.


Chubb did not get up from the ground for several minutes, at which time his teammates gathered close to pray. After some time, he rolled away on a cart. Before he was injured, Chubb completed 10 rushes for a total of 64 yards.

Giants vs. Cardinals: Week 2 NFL Picks

Jerome Ford came in as his replacement and instantly scored on a grab of 3 yards after Chubb was taken out of the game. After that, Ford made a 2-point conversion run for the Browns, putting them in the lead 11-7.

After Chubb was injured, a number of his fellow NFL stars, including LeBron James, as well as some of Chubb’s former teammates, such as Baker Mayfield and Sony Michel, expressed their condolences and best wishes for Chubb’s speedy recovery on social media.


Is Nick Chubb’s knee injury serious?

It is expected that Nick Chubb will be out for the rest of the season due to the severity of his injury. After suffering a knee injury against the Pittsburgh Steelers, he was eventually taken off the field.
2.Has Nick Chubb ever had a knee injury like that before?

While attending the University of Georgia in 2015, Nick Chubb did, in fact, have a career-ending knee injury. There were three torn ligaments associated with that dislocation.

3.What happened during the game that caused Nick Chubb to get hurt?

Chubb was hurt in the second quarter on a tackle by Steelers safety Minkah Fitzpatrick. As he was being tackled, his legs bent in an unnatural way.

4.After losing Nick Chubb, how have the Cleveland Browns fared?

The Browns took the lead for good at 11-7 after Chubb’s replacement, Jerome Ford, scored on an immediate 3-yard catch and 2-point conversion run.

 5.How did Nick Chubb’s fellow NFL players and the rest of the sports world react to hearing of his injury?

Several NFL players, including LeBron James, as well as past teammates of Chubb’s, such as Baker Mayfield and Sony Michel, have taken to social media to express their sympathy and hope for his rapid recovery.
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