Jamal Adams Concussed,Ruled Out in Seahawks' Win at Giants

Jamal Adams Concussed,Ruled Out in Seahawks’ Win at Giants

During a second-down scramble, Jamal Adams was falling on Giants quarterback Daniel Jones when Jones’ knee struck the safety’s helmet, causing Adams to get hit with a concussion early in Seattle’s 24-3 victory.

Adams should return after the team’s next bye in time to play the Bengals in Week 6, according to Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll.


Carroll assured herself,

Jamal Adams Concussed,Ruled Out in Seahawks' Win at Giants

“He’s going to be OK.” The reason he is missing this game is that, as you witnessed, he was kicked in the head. Nevertheless, he will be alright, I’m sure, and he’ll be back out there after the preparation to bring him to this point and the weeks off. For now, it’s simply a minor mishap.”

Terrible beginning.

What prepares him for the next time around, though, is all the work he puts in to get here. A significant portion of our work will include him.

Jamal Adams Concussed,Ruled Out in Seahawks' Win at Giants

Following his evaluation in Seattle’s blue tent and a visit to the locker room, the 27-year-old was noticeably disoriented and took some time to stand up. A little while later, Seattle declared him out for the remainder of the match.

Within the NFL network When Adams was in the medical tent before being escorted to the locker room, Mike Garafolo said that he was fighting with the red hat (an independent neurotrauma consultant).

Carroll claimed that the player “had a concussion and couldn’t play.” I couldn’t watch him play by the time all the assessments were over. An untrue statement was made by someone. Could he have responded to someone else who was present? To be honest, I’m not sure!”

Unfortunately, since the Seahawks acquired Adams in July 2020 in exchange for many picks, including two first-round selections, injuries have stolen playing time from the three-time Pro Bowler.

Jamal Adams Concussed,Ruled Out in Seahawks' Win at Giants

Although Adams made it to the Pro Bowl that season, he missed five games the following season due to a ruptured labrum. In Week 1 of 2022, a torn quadriceps sidelined him for the whole tournament.

That ailment prevented him from playing until tonight.

By recording two tackles and a quarterback pressure, he left a lasting (if brief) impression, but anything more will now have to wait.


  1. What happened to Jamal Adams in the game against the Giants?
    • Jamal Adams suffered a concussion after his knee struck the helmet of Giants quarterback Daniel Jones during a second-down scramble in a game where the Seattle Seahawks won 24-3.
  2. When is Jamal Adams expected to return to play?
    • According to Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, Jamal Adams should return after the team’s next bye week, in time to play against the Bengals in Week 6.
  3. Was there any controversy surrounding Jamal Adams’ concussion diagnosis?
    • Yes, there was some controversy as Mike Garafolo from the NFL Network mentioned that Adams was fighting with the independent neurotrauma consultant in the medical tent, which led to questions about his diagnosis.
  4. How has injuries affected Jamal Adams’ career with the Seahawks?
    • Injuries have impacted Jamal Adams’ playing time with the Seahawks. He missed games in the past due to a ruptured labrum and a torn quadriceps in previous seasons.
  5. What lasting impression did Jamal Adams leave in the game before his injury?
    • Before his injury, Jamal Adams recorded two tackles and a quarterback pressure, leaving a brief but memorable impact on the game.
  6. Did Jamal Adams have a successful Pro Bowl season before his injuries?
    • Yes, Jamal Adams made it to the Pro Bowl in a previous season, but he has been plagued by injuries that have affected his playing time.
  7. What did Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll say about Jamal Adams’ injury?
    • Pete Carroll assured that Jamal Adams would be okay, and his absence from the game was due to the fact that he was kicked in the head, which was considered a minor mishap.

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