Josh Allen defends Stefon Diggs after tablet slam on sideline

Josh Allen Backs Stefon Diggs Amid Tablet Incident

Orchard Park: During the Buffalo Bills’ 25-20 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday afternoon in London, Stefon Diggs once again slapped a Surface tablet down on the sideline.

What the heck?

Josh Allen defends Stefon Diggs after tablet slam on sideline

One of the few things the cameras got a decent look at on the NFL Network broadcast Sunday from London—which, from what I’ve heard, was a really brutal watch in many ways—was Diggs expressing his dissatisfaction. However, in all honesty, this isn’t exactly outlandish behaviour. No player does it more frequently than Tom Brady. In a game, Brady could lead by three touchdowns, and no tablet was secure in his grasp.

Loudmouth Stephen A. Smith, a well-known football analyst, undoubtedly began claiming that he had “sources” that had Diggs wanting to leave Buffalo during training camp as soon as he spotted Diggs doing this. Josh Allen was the first to point that out on Wednesday, and that is just plain stupidity.

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“I am aware that many people are speculating about the reasons behind his ire,” Allen remarked. He felt terrible for himself for choosing the incorrect release on a route. He’s a fierce competitor, that’s for sure. I’m sick of listening to people’s foolishness.

Many players in the league possess the same fire, but they are rarely discussed. He spends a lot of our energy on the sidelines, keeping the offence active and motivated, and we thrive on it.

Diggs was also angry with himself in the fourth quarter for losing the struggle to win the ball during a deep pass that Jaguars cornerback Darious Williams intercepted. He should have made the play, but he didn’t, and as captain and leader, he was disappointed in himself for not living up to his typical standards.

Diggs remarked, “I look at 50/50 balls like they are mine or nobody.” “I take the brunt of it more than anything else. He played the part well. I try not to say anything more than, “Give him his respect; he made a good play.”

Diggs made it a point to boost the defence during one point in the game despite all the hardships they were facing.

Diggs remarked, “I just be on some positive energy.” ” Lead the way, trying to support my players because, when you’re on offence, it’s easy to become lost and lose track of everything that’s happening on defence. You may spend some time observing them on the board. But you don’t pay that much attention. Thus, I made an effort to support my guys and provide them with a boost of encouragement.

For this reason, any discussion over the past few days regarding Diggs slamming a Microsoft product to the ground was pointless.

Allen remarked, “He’s a captain for a reason.” For better or worse, he’s in players’ faces making sure we have the juice we need, which he feeds to our offence, while you watch the men on the sidelines chatting and making sure everyone is ready to go. Particularly when we require it. There, he doesn’t receive the burn he merits. To be honest, I find it annoying when people try to disparage him, but let’s keep it under wraps.

Other topics that were covered at One Bills Drive on Wednesday include the following:

Bills adjusting to the NFL’s never-ending reality of injuries

Not everyone in the NFL is crying for the Bills just because their defense has suffered severe injuries over the past two weeks.

Every team in this cruel game deals with injuries, but the Bills are currently going through a particularly trying time after losing three of their best players: DaQuan Jones, Tre’Davious White, and Matt Milano, their best cornerback and linebacker.

Five weeks into a season, the defence loses a guy capable of playing in the Pro Bowl at every level, and coach Sean McDermott knows that putting his team back together with replacement pieces will be a significant task. But that’s the reason for a 53-man roster, so the next man up needs to perform.

“As I’ve stated on numerous occasions, a player can never be replaced, and I don’t think it’s healthy to compare players,” McDermott remarked. “An injury is not a justification. It’s a “next man up” mentality, where you take charge and intervene when someone is in need of assistance.

Don’t give the Josh Norman signing too much thought.

Josh Allen Backs Stefon Diggs Amid Tablet Incident

Norman, 35, is cold and unprepared to play when he joins the Bills practice squad because he did not participate in any clubs’ training camp. But now that White is out of the picture, I believe this move may have more to do with bringing in a seasoned NFL veteran to mentor a very inexperienced bunch of cornerbacks.

Dane Jackson, who is in his fourth season, is now the seasoned veteran holding that role. Christian Benford and Kaiir Elam are both in their second seasons. The three other corners on the practice squad, Ja’Marcus Ingram, Kyron Brown, and Herb Miller, have all played in less than two seasons and have only made one start in 24 NFL games, which came in Brown’s 2019 season with the Jets.

McDermott stated, “In my opinion, it’s not the main reason J-No is here, but it is a secondary reason that he can impart wisdom and perspective that sometimes can’t come from a coach.” “It has more impact when it comes from a player who has experienced what it’s like to be in your position and has played that position before.”

Norman has played in 137 NFL games, 110 of which he has started for the 49ers, Panthers, Commanders, and Bills. He has 16 career interceptions and was selected an All-Pro in 2015 after being regarded as one of the NFL’s top coverage corners at one point.

He is clearly familiar with McDermott’s defence from his time with Buffalo and Carolina, and he should be a valuable addition to the meeting room and film.

There is a churn on the roster.

Josh Allen Backs Stefon Diggs Amid Tablet Incident — Washington Football Team at Green Bay Packers from Lambeau Field, Green Bay, Wisconsin, October 24th, 2021 (All-Pro Reels Photography)

The Bills cleared two places on the 53-man roster on Wednesday morning by placing Milano and Jones on the injured reserve list.

After being brought up from the practice squad and added to the active roster, linebacker A.J. Klein took one spot; the other spot is still up for grabs. Although linebacker Baylon Spector has been cleared to return from injured reserve, he will likely not be able to use his 21-day practice window. He must improve in the first place, but a fifth linebacker is really not necessary with the availability of Tyrel Dodson, Terrel Bernard, Klein, and Dorian Williams.

A more sensible option to be added to the 53 is Ingram, who was promoted for the Jacksonville game. Benford is still recovering from a shoulder issue, and Jackson is currently dealing with a foot problem, as McDermott disclosed on Wednesday. There is a lot of uncertainty about their status for Sunday’s game against the Giants.

In the fourth quarter against the Jaguars, Ingram took Elam’s position, who was having trouble, and played eight snaps. It is clearly not ideal for the Bills to have to start Elam and Ingram if both Benford and Jackson are unable to play on Sunday night.

Dorian Williams might be Milano’s substitute.

Josh Allen Backs Stefon Diggs Amid Tablet Incident

After just 32 defensive snaps in the first four games, the rookie third-round pick was the one McDermott put in to take over after Milano was injured on Sunday. After playing 32 snaps and encountering a few issues, Tyrel Dodson, who is better suited for middle linebacker, saw extensive use from McDermott during the game.

Because T-Dod is the more experienced player in this scenario, McDermott stated, “We just felt like Dorian was in there; he was struggling a little bit with some of the tackling, so we felt, at the time, let’s give T-Dod a chance in there and try to calm it down a little bit.”

Although the yards against were only 19, Williams was in on four tackles, but he also missed two. In pass coverage, he allowed three completions on four targets. At times, he appeared too nervous and combative, which makes sense for a rookie getting his first significant playing experience.

Williams remarked, “That might have been it, but you’re out there, man; you go from zero to 100.” “You have to read your keys, take it slow, and work on improving each week.”

Williams responded, “I wouldn’t say it’s a burden,” to the question of whether having to replace a player of Milano’s calibre would be a hardship should he receive the call on Sunday. We adore Matt because he is an amazing leader and player who goes above and beyond in his game. To be honest, I just feel like I have to carry out my duties, support our men, and position us for success.


  1. Stefon Diggs’ Reaction During the Game: Stefon Diggs, a wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills, was shown on camera slamming a Microsoft Surface tablet on the sideline during the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. This action was a result of his frustration during the game.
  2. Tom Brady’s Tablet Actions: The text mentions that Tom Brady, a quarterback known for his competitiveness, is also known to express his frustrations by slamming tablets on the sideline.
  3. Stephen A. Smith’s Speculation: The well-known football analyst Stephen A. Smith reportedly speculated about Diggs wanting to leave Buffalo during training camp after seeing his tablet incident. This was criticized as baseless speculation.
  4. Josh Allen’s Response: Bills’ quarterback Josh Allen defended Diggs, explaining that Diggs is a fierce competitor and a team leader who brings energy to the offense.
  5. Diggs’ Self-Criticism: Diggs was shown to be disappointed in himself for not making a crucial play in the game. He considers contested passes (“50/50 balls”) his responsibility and gives credit to the opponent for making a good play.
  6. Diggs’ Support for the Defense: Despite the team’s struggles, Diggs made an effort to boost the defense and maintain positive energy on the sideline.
  7. Injury Challenges for the Bills: The Buffalo Bills have faced significant injuries to key players, including DaQuan Jones, Tre’Davious White, and Matt Milano. Despite these setbacks, the team is focused on the “next man up” mentality.
  8. Josh Norman’s Signing: The signing of veteran cornerback Josh Norman is seen as a move to mentor and provide wisdom to the younger cornerbacks on the team due to White’s absence.
  9. Roster Changes: The Bills made changes to the roster, including placing Milano and Jones on injured reserve. A.J. Klein was added to the active roster from the practice squad.
  10. Potential Replacements: Dane Jackson is the more experienced cornerback who may need to step up in Tre’Davious White’s absence. The availability of other cornerbacks on the practice squad is uncertain.
  11. Dorian Williams’ Role: Rookie Dorian Williams saw playing time as a replacement for Matt Milano. Williams is still developing as a player and had both positive and challenging moments during the game.
  12. Handling the Absence of Milano: Williams acknowledged the challenge of replacing a player like Matt Milano, known for his leadership and skills, and emphasized his commitment to fulfilling his role on the team.

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