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Mexico Triumphs Over Germany, Hopes Soar

PHILADELPHIA — Mexico’s best exhibition under the tactical ministry of Jaime Lozano and with the emotional, physical, and devoted support of its players. Thus, they draw 2-2 with a Germany eager for resurrection and rebirth. 2-2 that, despite the small score, ends up leaving rich conclusions for Tri.

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Although Mexico still has to face demands and reprimands, there is little to reproach it for high-caliber factors in world soccer: discipline, order, will, anger, intensity, and a tactical loyalty to the orders of its coach.

Mexico and Jaime Lozano win the right to hope against Germany

Jaime Lozano stole Julian Nagelsmann’s manual from the safe. He bit off the exits from the back; as far as he could, he blocked the casting of midfielders and attackers and restricted the impulses of his full-backs. Of course, strategies are perfected through individual attempts. That’s why Antonio Rüdiger’s 1-0 and Uriel Antuna’s 1-1

An intense first half. The coaches kept their word. Solid without the ball, bold with it, Jaime Lozano had said. Winning is the Germans’ strategy, Julian Nagelsmann warned.

And the party is complete. The Philadelphia Eagles coliseum was decorated with that tricolor patented by Alex Lora, but it was legitimate property of the Mexicans and their team. An uncontrollable crowd in the exhausting choreography of the wave, the screams, the jumps, the applause, the vituperations Rarely are the tickets that pay for their trip seen as well rewarded as this Tuesday night.

Mexico Triumphs Over Germany, Hopes Soar

Just after three minutes, Guillermo Ochoa had already deflected a seditious ball from the net with his right leg. Later, Marc-André Ter Stegen would dirty his canary outfit in two forced sets. It is true that there was a declared war between a four-time world champion defeated in two World Cups and a regular chamberlain, who in Qatar died in the coffin of the group stage.

Two teams that live in opposite worlds. Elite players with the haughty breath of being a world power Mexico, in the humility of an eternal aspirant. Just as social classes are matched on the court, they distance themselves in liveliness or power.

Germany hits first. Minute 24. Right charge, from the corner. The double header equation Marking error, and Robin Gosens hits the far post. Antonio Rüdiger appears there, forgotten in the brand by Luis Romo. 1-0.

Neither slab nor tombstone was the partial marker for Mexico. Shouts of encouragement on the field and solidarity in the stands. “Yes, you can, yes, you can!” is the chorus that invokes the propensity for miracles.

El Tri understands and assumes. A couple of screams and fusses from Jaime Lozano. There is no pause or regret.

Mexico Triumphs Over Germany, Hopes Soar

Generationally cunning, Germany lays the same ambush with which it humiliated the United States. Back and preparing catapults. But, sovereignly, Mexico maintains order. Slowly but surely.

The reward comes at minute 37. Breaking Mexico and Hirving Lozano weave it all together. He beats Antonio Rüdiger, smashes him, and points the ball at him. Then he fakes it, unbalances it, and hits the shot to Uriel Antuna, who had missed passes, but not that one, the most important one, to the net, with lethal neatness on impact, 1-1.

There was no truce in the game. Germany left the comfort zone where it was speculating with a 1-0 lead. He was forced to leave the den. And the first half closed with an energetic, intense fight as equals, despite the abysmal difference in emblems.

The eternal warning among technical directors remained consistent. Jaime Lozano had done his homework. Julian Nagelsmann had taken the games against Australia, Uzbekistan, and Ghana as a reference. Thomas Müller had warned, “We have not been able to decipher it.”

At 1-1, the break was necessary. On the field and in the stands, the tricolor excitement was shared. It had been years since the fans felt represented by a Mexican National Team.


Mexico Triumphs Over Germany, Hopes Soar

On their return to the field, from the starting flag of the second half, they came out with the same spurs that closed the first half. The blood was still in the mitres.

And at 47, the unexpected, in a whiplash of those rehearsed by Jaime Lozano’s Tri, Jorge Sánchez drives and breaks, Uriel Antuna this time cleans up his messes to center and finds the tiny masked man in the area, Erick Sánchez, who, inexplicably with a human disadvantage, anticipates Niklas Sülen and finishes with a header, almost to the waist from German. 2-1.

That was not in the script of a resurrected Germany. He must unearth the axe and reorganize his forces. The tie would soon come. After poor coverage by Jorge Sánchez, Guillermo Ochoa completed another of his acrobatics and saved a sharp header, but Niclas Füllkrug’s second shot already surprised the Mexican goalkeeper inside his goal, unable to react. 2-2.

In the second half, Jaime Lozano organized a cataract of changes, but the team did not lose its responsiveness or poise, while at times Germany hesitated between tactical surrender and the offensive.

Mexico Triumphs Over Germany, Hopes Soar

2-2 at the end. Mexico pays off its debts in a notable way, with the draw against a team that is trying to rebuild after almost a decade of living in gentrification on the income of 2014.

Now, Mexico will close the year with a friendly against Colombia, without Europeans and without a FIFA date.


1. Describe yourself and Jaime Lozano’s strategy.

The coach of the Mexican national team is Jaime Lozano. He is renowned for his methodical and tactical style of play, which limits the movements of full-backs and prevents strikers and midfielders from throwing their passes.
2. What was Mexico’s final score against Germany in the match?

It was a 2-2 draw at the end of play.
3. How did Mexico respond to Germany’s first-half 1-0 lead?

With help from Hirving Lozano, Uriel Antuna’s goal tied the score for Mexico. They worked effectively together to tie the score at 1-1. 4. Who opened the scoring for Germany in the game?

The first goal of the game for Germany was scored by Antonio Rüdiger.
5. Who scored the second goal of the game for Mexico?

With a header, Erick Sánchez gave Mexico its second goal of the game.
6. In the game, how did Guillermo Ochoa fare?

Throughout the game, Guillermo Ochoa made several vital stops, including acrobatic saves and deflecting a shot from the net with his right leg. But Niclas Füllkrug’s second shot, which led to Germany’s second goal, escaped his notice.
7. How important is this outcome for Mexico?

This outcome is important for Mexico because it demonstrates the team’s resiliency and capacity to contend with a formidable foe such as Germany. After years, the Mexican National Team finally felt like they were representing their country, and it was a noteworthy performance for Mexico.
8. In the text, a match for Mexico is stated; what is it?

The text states that although Mexico and Colombia are scheduled to play a friendly match to cap the year, it will not take place on a FIFA date and will not feature any players from Europe.

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