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NC State Edges Out Winless Virginia 24-21

Richmond, Virginia (WTVD) The Wolfpack defeated a tough Virginia team on Friday night thanks to the victorious return of NC State quarterback Brennan Armstrong to his alma mater.

It was, however, difficult as the Wolfpack,

NC State Edges Out Winless Virginia 24-21


who had been struggling offensively in the early part of the season, needed a last-second, second-chance field goal to defeat the Cavaliers 24-21.

In order to start the scoring in the second quarter, Armstrong found rookie wide receiver Kevin Concepcion for a 12-year touchdown. A 48-yard touchdown pass between the two was later completed in the third quarter.

However, the Wolfpack had to wait until the very end to escape Charlottesville with a close victory—a 33-yard field goal from Brayden Narveson. Although James Jackson stopped Narveson’s initial 48-yard attempt, he was assessed a personal foul when he flung himself off a teammate’s back, bringing the ball 15 yards closer.

NC State Edges Out Winless Virginia 24-21

After Virginia went on an 11-play, 66-yard drive and Anthony Colandrea, a rookie, hit Malik Washington from three yards out to tie the score at 21, the Pack needed to mount a last drive for the winning field goal. On their 2-point effort from the 18, Colandrea hit Malachi Fields to tie the game, but not before the Cavaliers were called for unsportsmanlike conduct following the play.

The Wolfpack took the lead at the Virginia 48 after Julian Gray’s excellent return after another 15-yard unsportsmanlike play, this time on the rookie quarterback, forced Virginia to retreat 15 yards on the kickoff. Armstrong drove three runs to put the ball in the thirty.

NC State Edges Out Winless Virginia 24-21

When Armstrong went onto the field for the first series after transferring following the previous season, he was jeered, but he showed many of the qualities that elevated him to the top of the country’s quarterback rankings two years prior. This season, he reconnected with former offensive coordinator Robert Anae after struggling in a new system the previous season.

He went 15 for 30 for 180 yards, two touchdowns, and an interception. He also led the pack in rushing yards with 64, frequently attempting to punish former teammates and potential tacklers.

In lieu of injured starter Tony Muskett, Colandrea made his third consecutive start at quarterback for the Cavaliers. Inexperienced, he threw a deep ball into quadruple coverage with Virginia losing 21-13, but he also showed flashes of talent, including an 11-yard run and completions of 19, 10, and 12 yards on the tying drive. He made the first of his two interceptions when he tipped the pass.

NC State Edges Out Winless Virginia 24-21
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After Colandrea’s 59-yard pass to Washington, Virginia missed two excellent scoring opportunities, including a first-and-goal from the four. Will Bettridge converted a 21-yard field goal after three plays yielded just one yard. After the Cavaliers failed to convert on a third-and-one play from the 19, he made another kick from 36 yards.

N.C. State led 14-7 at the half thanks to a 1-yard rush by Delbert Mimms III.

NC State Edges Out Winless Virginia 24-21

Taking advantage of Virginia’s botched 4th-and-1 attempt from their own 49, the Wolfpack needed seven plays, culminating in Armstrong’s 12-yard toss to Concepcion to take a 7-0 lead on the first play of the second quarter.

After moving 75 yards in nine plays, the Cavaliers tied the score on their subsequent possession. After completing it with some deft footwork to evade pressure, Colandrea found Washington in the end zone on third-and-goal from the eight-yard line to score the points.

The Wolfpack won the series for the third time in a row to improve to 3-1 overall and 1-0 in the ACC. The Cavs (0-4, 0-1) are still in search of their first victory.

NC State Edges Out Winless Virginia 24-21

Next Friday night, the Wolfpack play Louisville at home. The next Saturday, Virginia will play against Boston College.


1.Who won the game between NC State and Virginia?

Answer: NC State won the game with a final score of 24-21.

2.What was the key moment in the game?

Answer: The key moment was when Brayden Narveson made a 33-yard field goal in the last seconds to secure the victory for NC State.

3.How did NC State’s quarterback, Brennan Armstrong, perform in the game?

Answer: Brennan Armstrong had a solid performance, throwing for 180 yards, two touchdowns, and an interception, while also leading the team in rushing with 64 yards.

4.Who were the standout players for NC State?

Answer: Brennan Armstrong and rookie wide receiver Kevin Concepcion had notable performances, connecting for two touchdown passes.

5.What were the critical plays that led to the close victory for NC State?

Answer: The game-deciding plays included a 33-yard field goal by Brayden Narveson and a successful 2-point conversion.

6.How did the Virginia quarterback, Anthony Colandrea, perform in the game?

Answer: Colandrea had both promising and challenging moments, with a few interceptions and some successful completions.

7.What was the score at halftime, and how did it change in the 5 half?

Answer: The score at halftime was 14-7 in favor of NC State. Virginia tied the game in the second half but ultimately lost.

8.What’s the overall record for NC State and Virginia after this game?

Answer: NC State improved to 3-1 overall and 1-0 in the ACC, while Virginia is still seeking its first victory at 0-4 overall and 0-1 in the ACC.

9.When is the next game for NC State, and who are they playing against?

Answer: NC State will play against Louisville at home next Friday night.

10.When is Virginia’s next game, and who is their opponent?

Answer: Virginia’s next game is against Boston College on the next Saturday.

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