Lillard Trade Rumors: Talks Intensifying

Lillard Trade Rumors: Talks Intensifying

After dragging on for months, it seems as though the Damian Lillard story is coming to an end. Even though the star player for the Portland Trail Blazers asked to be traded to the Miami Heat in July, the negotiations don’t seem to be progressing till now.


Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reports that even though a deal isn’t close to happening, the Blazers “are certainly behaving like a team that wants to get a deal done before training camp.” Wojnarowski notes that the caveat is that the Heat aren’t actively participating in those negotiations right now.

Of course, as Wojnarowski says, this may change, and if Lillard gets his way, it definitely will. Aaron Goodwin, Lillard’s agent, has been quite explicit throughout the process about the All-Star point guard’s desire to play for the Heat. Because of how strongly that position has been held, the NBA even looked into it earlier in the offseason and sent a memo to all 30 clubs stating that Lillard would face consequences if he threatened to break his contract by not playing for a team other than the Heat.

Right now, it’s unknown what Miami is prepared to give Lillard in exchange for a trade, let alone what other clubs would be interested in him.

No matter where Lillard ends up, Wojnarowski notes that several other clubs have been in discussions about potential facilitators. Extra teams are frequently required in trades of this size for budgetary reasons or to reroute players who don’t fit on the teams that acquire them. For instance, the guard-heavy Blazers will probably move Tyler Herro someplace if Miami is a part of the deal.

But as of right now, Miami doesn’t seem driven to make a deal at any price. ESPN’s Brian Windhorst stated, “I don’t think the Heat are desperate at all to trade for Damian Lillard,” and he also doubted that the two teams have recently interacted.

The start of the Blazers training camp is October 3. Ideally, the Blazers will strike a contract before media day, which usually occurs one day early.

That would give them just over a week to finalize an agreement that hasn’t happened in the previous two and a half months. Deadlines, of course, incite movement in the NBA, and as negotiations heat up, a deal appears more likely than ever.


1.To what Miami Heat team did Damian Lillard desire a trade?

A: Damian Lillard’s July trade request was the result of his intense desire to play for the Miami Heat.

2.What is the present state of Damian Lillard’s trade negotiations?
A agreement has not yet been finalized, but negotiations are still ongoing.

3.When does the Portland Trail Blazers’ training camp officially begin?
A: On October 3, the Blazers’ training camp is scheduled to start.

4.Do the Miami Heat actively pursue trade talks with other teams in exchange for Lillard?
A: According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the Heat aren’t actively taking part in these talks right now.

5.What penalties would Damian Lillard face if he didn’t play for the Heat, according to the NBA?
A memo from the NBA to all 30 clubs warned Lillard of the repercussions he would face for threatening to violate his contract by refusing to play for any team other than the Heat.

6.Are we aware of what Miami is prepared to provide Damian Lillard in return?
Q: What the Miami Heat are willing to give up in a deal for Lillard is currently unknown.

7.Why would more teams be parties to this trade?
A: In order to handle financial concerns or to reassign players that don’t suit the teams who acquire them, other teams could be engaged in the deal.

8.How important are deadlines in NBA free agency negotiations?
A: The NBA is known for using deadlines to spur action, and as October 3rd draws near, the teams may feel pressured to complete a deal.

9.Has the Blazers been searching actively for possible individuals to facilitate trade?
A: It’s true that the Blazers and other teams have talked about possible trade facilitators.

10.Is Damian Lillard a trade target for the Miami Heat?
A: ESPN analyst Brian Windhorst claims that the Heat don’t seem to be in a desperate attempt to acquire Damian Lillard at any cost.


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