Seahawks Shine on MNF: Defense Dominates Giants

Seahawks Shine on MNF: Defense Dominates Giants

NJ’S EAST RUTHERFORD At MetLife Stadium on Monday night, the Seattle Seahawks’ defense was outstanding as they defeated the New York Giants 24-3. QB Daniel Jones of the Giants was sacked ten times and mishandled the ball three times.

The Seahawks’ start wasn’t perfect, as safety Jamal Adams was out early in the first quarter following a concussion evaluation. After sustaining a torn left quad tendon in the first game of the previous season, it was his first game back.

Seahawks Shine on MNF: Defense Dominates Giants

Seahawks of SeattleThe 2013 Seahawks squad that won Super Bowl XLVIII is celebrating its tenth anniversary this season; considering all of Seattle’s recent questionable defense play, that victory seems like it happened more than ten years ago.

On Monday night, however, the Seahawks rolled back the years and produced a strong defensive effort reminiscent of that 43-8 thrashing of the Denver Broncos in the same stadium where they won their only Lombardi Trophy.

Fifteen sacks. There were two down turnovers in addition to three takeaways. An interception on defense. It can only be a field goal.

A feast for the eyes, Legion of Boom.

Seahawks Shine on MNF: Defense Dominates Giants

With a 97-yard pick-six in the third quarter, rookie cornerback Devon Witherspoon—whose aggressive style would have fit right in with the LOB—helped transform a close game into a landslide victory for Seattle.

Despite a long line of ailments,

the Seahawks are 3-1, and when Geno Smith left the game temporarily due to a knee injury, it seemed as though they avoided another major one. Although teams often dislike having a bye in Week 5, the Seahawks won’t be grumbling about it just yet.

Purchase on a breakout performance: Prior to his pick-six, this was already looking like Witherspoon’s breakthrough performance. He was awarded another sack on a backward pass after he got a sack of Jones during a blitz. At a critical juncture, when the Giants were threatening to cut Seattle’s lead to three points, he scored a touchdown.

Seahawks Shine on MNF: Defense Dominates Giants

After selecting Witherspoon fifth overall rather than Jalen Carter, who would have addressed their most pressing need, the Seahawks were immediately called into question. Apart from their reservations about Carter’s behavior off the field, they also believed that Witherspoon was a superior player. Naturally, more time will tell, but Witherspoon’s extraordinary talent is beginning to show after a sluggish beginning.

Trend of promise:

Seattle’s pass rush has shown an extremely encouraging development with eleven sacks. Before blowing up the Giants, it had been erratic in the first three games. Before Monday night’s game, the 11 sacks more than quadrupled their total of five, tying a franchise record. Witherspoon, Bobby Wagner, Jordyn Brooks, and Uchenna Nwosu each recorded two sacks. According to ESPN Stats & Information, this is the first time a team has had four guys with multiple sacks in a game since 1987.

Over the last two games, the Seahawks have produced an NFL-high 46 pressures, according to ESPN Stats & Info. For the first time since ESPN started recording pressures in 2009, they have experienced more than 20 pressures in both games.

QB breakdown:

Seahawks Shine on MNF: Defense Dominates Giants

Prior to suffering a knee injury after a sideline tackle in the second quarter, Smith had not missed a snap in his first 21 games as the Seahawks’ starting quarterback.

After making a comeback at the beginning of the second half, he went 13 of 20 for 110 yards and a touchdown. In relief, Drew Lock completed 2 of 6 passes for 63 yards, including a 51-yard catch-and-run by tight end Noah Fant that set up a touchdown for Walker III.

Disturbing pattern: Adams’ eagerly awaited comeback lasted for a mere nine plays. After receiving a knee to the helmet on the first play, he went down and was ruled out following a concussion evaluation.

Seahawks Shine on MNF: Defense Dominates Giants

Adams is always having problems. He has missed 28 of the 53 regular-season games that he could have played since Seattle acquired him in the historic trade with the Jets in 2020, as of Monday night. The Seahawks also suffered injuries on Monday night that sidelined guards Damien Lewis (ankle) and Phil Haynes (calf). Jarran Reed, a nose tackle, left as well (shin). Henderson Brady

Next game:

at Cincinnati Bengals (1 p.m. ET, Sunday, Oct. 15)

The Giants of New YorkIt’s a shambles, the Giants offense. Jones has reverted to his previous, prone to turnover state. As a result, after just four terrible games, the Giants’ season has swiftly vanished. While the game was still in play, Jones lost a fumble and threw two interceptions, one of which was returned 97 yards for a touchdown.

Seahawks Shine on MNF: Defense Dominates Giants

Not that he was helped all that much. The offensive line gave up 11 sacks and was a complete mess. Six penalties were committed by the Giants’ special teams. It was awful. With road games in Miami and Buffalo coming up, the Giants will need to take action as the season draws to a close. Before things get better, they can get worse.

Quarterback breakdown:

Jones gained 203 yards and two interceptions on 27 of 34 attempts completed. The quarterback that everyone saw in Brian Daboll’s debut season last year isn’t this one. Although Jones is always under pressure, his performance is also lacking. Both are plausible. All three of Jones’ turnovers were his fault. After four games this season, he already has six.

Did the Giants err by offering Jones a $160 million contract? He had performed poorly for the third time in the last four games. If New York doesn’t improve, this season will get out of hand.

Disturbing trend:

Seahawks Shine on MNF: Defense Dominates Giants
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This season, the Giants have been outscored 77-9 in the first half of games. They have had difficulty in the first half, to put it mildly.

After four games,

the Giants have not scored a touchdown in the first half. Only field goals of 44, 55, and 57 yards have been made by them. Their first-half point difference of minus-68 is tied for the fourth worst for a club in the Super Bowl era through four games. This comes after the Giants discussed establishing a quicker starting pace for the whole week. Once more, it didn’t work.

astonishing AFL Fant, a tight end for the Seahawks, is anticipated to gain 19.8 yards after a reception. Fant’s 51-yard reception late in the second quarter put him 15.34 yards from the closest defender, so that’s what was expected of him. But since cornerback Adoree’ Jackson and inside linebacker Bobby Okereke missed tackles down the sideline, Fant was able to gain much more. Fant was eventually called down at the 1-yard line despite gaining 46 yards after the catch on the play.

Seahawks Shine on MNF: Defense Dominates Giants

RB Kenneth Walker III of the Seahawks scored on the very next play. The Giants’ inadequate tackling finally caught up to them. Raanan Jordan

Next game:

at Miami Dolphins (1 p.m. ET, Sunday)


Q1: How did the Seattle Seahawks perform in their recent game against the New York Giants?

A1: The Seattle Seahawks had an outstanding performance in their recent game against the New York Giants, winning 24-3. Their defense was particularly impressive, recording 15 sacks and several turnovers, including a pick-six.

Q2: Who is the rookie cornerback that made a significant impact in the game? A2: Rookie cornerback Devon Witherspoon made a major impact in the game, scoring a 97-yard pick-six and contributing to the strong defensive effort by the Seahawks.

Q3: What is the state of the Seattle Seahawks’ pass rush in recent games? A3: The Seahawks’ pass rush has shown significant improvement, with eleven sacks in their most recent game. This was a stark contrast to their earlier games, and they even had four players record multiple sacks in a single game, a rare feat.

Q4: How did the Seattle Seahawks’ starting quarterback perform in the game against the Giants? A4: Geno Smith, the starting quarterback for the Seahawks, suffered a knee injury in the game. He left temporarily but came back to complete 13 of 20 passes for 110 yards and a touchdown. Later, Drew Lock took over in relief.

Q5: What has been the trend for the New York Giants’ offense this season? A5: The Giants’ offense has struggled, with quarterback Daniel Jones reverting to a prone-to-turnover state. In the game against the Seahawks, Jones lost a fumble and threw two interceptions. The offensive line also gave up 11 sacks.

Q6: What is the Giants’ record for scoring in the first half of games this season? A6: The Giants have had difficulty scoring in the first half of games this season. They’ve been outscored 77-9 in the first half and have not scored a touchdown in the first half of any of their games. Their first-half performance has been a major concern.

Q7: Who will the Seattle Seahawks and New York Giants play in their next games? A7: The Seattle Seahawks will face the Cincinnati Bengals in their next game, while the New York Giants will play against the Miami Dolphins.

Q8: What injury concerns did the Seahawks have in the game against the Giants? A8: The Seahawks had injury concerns in the game, including the loss of safety Jamal Adams early in the first quarter due to a concussion evaluation. Geno Smith also left the game temporarily due to a knee injury, adding to the team’s injury woes.

Q9: How many sacks did the Seattle Seahawks record in their recent game against the New York Giants? A9: The Seahawks recorded a remarkable 15 sacks in their recent game against the New York Giants.

Q10: Who is the tight end for the Seahawks who made a significant reception in the game? A10: Tight end AFL Fant made a significant reception for the Seahawks, gaining 46 yards after the catch on the play, which set up a touchdown for the team.

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