Barcelona's Fast Win: Sergio Ramos' Own Goal Gifts Victory

Barcelona’s Fast Win: Sergio Ramos’ Own Goal Gifts Victory

After experienced defender Sergio Ramos inadvertently bundled the ball into his own net in the second half of Barcelona’s 1-0 victory against Sevilla at home on Friday, the team temporarily took the top spot in La Liga.


For the first time since 2020, Ramos, the former captain of Real Madrid, was unable to stop the ball from crossing the line in the 76th minute while trying to block a cross from 16-year-old Lamine Yamal.

Barcelona's Fast Win: Sergio Ramos' Own Goal Gifts Victory

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When the Barcelona forward was still a club mascot, Ramos once held young Yamal’s hand in the tunnel. However, the home crowd jeered at his early touches, so Ramos didn’t get a good reception.

Barca’s makeshift home field,

the Montjuic Olympic Stadium, however, erupted in cheers following the 37-year-old’s own goal.

With a game remaining,

Barcelona's Fast Win: Sergio Ramos' Own Goal Gifts Victory

Girona is now one point ahead of Barca, who are now in second place. Sevilla is now in 12th place.

Our pain is excessive.

In his press conference after the game, Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez stated, “I think we played well.” ” We knew what the game needed, and we attacked successfully. I’m pleased with the game; we just didn’t reach that goal. We gave one of our best performances yet.

“Sevilla performed admirably, but we created enough opportunities to avoid suffering as much.

“What matters is that, despite playing against a fantastic squad, we generated opportunities and felt at ease. The better side was us. Although I am pleased with the performance, we still need to improve our effectiveness in front of the goal.

Before the game,

Barcelona's Fast Win: Sergio Ramos' Own Goal Gifts Victory

tensions between the two teams were high as Sevilla announced they would not have a representative in the VIP box at the stadium because of the current “Negreira case.”

Barcelona is being looked into for alleged “active bribery” as part of an inquiry into possible corruption at the referees committee, where Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira served as vice president, over a two-decade period.

Barcelona said that Sevilla was depriving them of the opportunity to mount a response in court, calling it an “unjustified and inappropriate attack” on the team.

As soon as Barca got onto the field, they had a strong start. In the 22nd minute, João Félix beat the keeper with a strong effort that went over the bar and out, then Gavi denied Lucas Ocampos at the goal line.

In the 37th minute,

Barcelona's Fast Win: Sergio Ramos' Own Goal Gifts Victory

Fermín López replaced Raphinha, who was forced off due to an injury, dealing a setback to Barcelona.

Regarding the Brazilian winger,

Barcelona's Fast Win: Sergio Ramos' Own Goal Gifts Victory

Xavi stated, “We will see tomorrow when he has more tests.” “Perhaps it isn’t anything. This is the reason we rotate and make adjustments because it is required, in spite of criticism, particularly when the outcomes don’t work out as planned.”

Barca changed their style and became much more dangerous when the first half ended goalless.

When Robert Lewandowski came through on goal, Juanlu Sanchez made a last-man tackle to deny him, and Gavi’s header just missed the mark.

Though Sevilla had opportunities as well, Barca was able to preserve a clean sheet and continue their unblemished start to the season after Ramos’ own goal altered the course of the match.


Q1: What happened in the Barcelona vs. Sevilla match?

A1: In the match, Barcelona won 1-0 against Sevilla. Sergio Ramos, a former Real Madrid captain now playing for Sevilla, scored an own goal in the 76th minute, leading to Barcelona’s victory.

Q2: Why was the home crowd jeering at Sergio Ramos?

A2: The home crowd jeered at Sergio Ramos because he was a former captain of Real Madrid and had a history of rivalries with Barcelona. Additionally, he inadvertently scored an own goal during the match.

Q3: Who is Lamine Yamal, and why was he mentioned in the article?

A3: Lamine Yamal is a 16-year-old player who was mentioned in the article because he was involved in the play that led to Sergio Ramos scoring the own goal for Barcelona. Ramos once held Yamal’s hand in the tunnel when he was a club mascot.

Q4: What is the current status of the La Liga table after this match?

A4: After the match, Girona is one point ahead of Barcelona, putting Girona in the top spot in La Liga. Barcelona is now in second place, and Sevilla is in 12th place.

Q5: Why were tensions high between Barcelona and Sevilla before the game?

A5: Tensions were high because Sevilla decided not to have a representative in the VIP box at the stadium due to the “Negreira case.” This case involves an inquiry into alleged “active bribery” and possible corruption at the referees committee over a two-decade period, with ties to Barcelona.

Q6: What is the “Negreira case,” and why is it related to Barcelona?

A6: The “Negreira case” is an investigation into alleged “active bribery” and corruption at the referees committee over a two-decade period. It is related to Barcelona because the club is being looked into as part of this case. Barcelona accused Sevilla of preventing them from mounting a response in court, considering it an “unjustified and inappropriate attack.”

Q7: Who is the current coach of Barcelona, and how did he assess the team’s performance?

A7: Xavi Hernandez is the current coach of Barcelona. He stated that he was pleased with the team’s performance in the match, mentioning that they attacked successfully and created opportunities but lacked effectiveness in front of the goal.

Q8: Were there any significant injuries or substitutions during the match?

A8: Yes, Raphinha was forced off due to an injury, and Fermín López replaced him in the 37th minute. Xavi mentioned that they would need to wait for further tests to assess the extent of the injury.

Q9: How did the match change after Sergio Ramos’ own goal?

A9: After Ramos’ own goal in the 76th minute, the course of the match was altered. Barcelona held on to their lead and preserved a clean sheet, ultimately securing their victory.


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