Trevon Diggs: Resilience After ACL Tear 2023

TXRISCO, FLSTrevon Diggs doesn’t seem to be depressed despite the heartbreaking news of his injury. Diggs tore his ACL on Thursday while practicing on the team’s grass field before the Dallas Cowboys’ game against the Arizona Cardinals.

According to an MRI he had, he is indeed out for the year.

Trevon Diggs: Resilience After ACL Tear

The First-Team All-Pro cornerback tweeted, “I appreciate everyone checking on me, and thank you for all the prayers.” “This is exactly the plan of God. When I return, I’ll be stronger.”


The 25-year-old’s remarkable start to his early NFL career earned him a multi-year agreement this summer, but he had no intention of sitting back and enjoying himself. When he stated that he wanted to be the “perfect cornerback” for the Cowboys, he also tried to refute the rumor that he wasn’t a tackler.

Diggs’ hit on Saquon Barkley in Week 1 alone enabled DaRon Bland to pick up a pick-six, and his forced fumble against Isaiah Hodgins resulted in an Israel Mukuamu recovery. The New York Giants were thrashed 40-0.

Trevon Diggs: Resilience After ACL Tear

He was playing with all the confidence he had ever had, but he will now have to wait until the 2024 season to continue where he left off. He’ll keep supporting his teammates and coaches in the interim, and he’ll do all in his power to guide newcomers to the cornerback room.

Trevon Diggs: Resilience After ACL Tear

And should the coaching staff feel that he needs to be reminded of how important his mental connection to the team is, they will probably act in a locker room culture that is based on brotherhood, just as they did with Jourdan Lewis.

Trevon Diggs: Resilience After ACL Tear


1.Trevon Diggs: What happened to him?

In the warm-up for the Dallas Cowboys’ game against the Arizona Cardinals, Trevon Diggs suffered an ACL tear.
2.How much time will Diggs miss because of his ACL injury?Trevon Diggs will not be playing in the current NFL season because of an MRI that indicates he is out for the year.
3.How is Trevon Diggs coping psychologically with his injury?Diggs seems to be coping well and keeping a bright outlook in spite of the devastating news of his disability.
4.What was said on Twitter by Trevon Diggs regarding his injury?Trevon Diggs said he saw it as a part of God’s plan and that he will return stronger. He thanked everyone for their prayers and support.
5.Before his injury, how did Diggs perform in the NFL?Trevon Diggs signed a multi-year contract with the Cowboys in the summer after having an incredible start to his NFL career. He was playing with assurance and producing plays that had an effect.
6.What effect did Diggs have in the New York Giants game?Diggs’ hit on Saquon Barkley during the game against the New York Giants resulted in a forced fumble and a turnover, both of which were crucial to the Cowboys’ victory.
7.What role does Diggs hope to play while sidelined?Trevon Diggs plans to help out the coaches and teammates as he heals, as well as provide a helping hand to the rookies in the cornerback room.
8.What is the Cowboys’ locker room culture, as described in the text?The Cowboys have a brotherhood-based locker room culture where teammates encourage and support one another. Their goal is to highlight how crucial the mental link to the team is.
9.Does Diggs have any particular aspirations for his future with the Cowboys?Trevon Diggs did indeed state that he wanted to prove that he was a good tackler and that he wanted to become the “perfect cornerback” for the Dallas Cowboys.

10.When can we expect Trevon Diggs to start playing football again?

Trevon Diggs is sidelined for the current season with an ACL injury, however he is anticipated to play again in the NFL in 2024.

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