Transcript | Tua Tagovailoa’s Press Conference – Sept 17

View the complete transcript of Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa’s September 17, 2023, press conference.

QB Tua Tagovailoa (New England Transcription)

(Tua, how did you feel about the stares you were receiving?) – Yes, I was not surprised by their intentions. It appeared as though they intended to cover our two quick lads with an umbrella. Then, as the game went on, they began to return to their regular running routine. However, I believe they do a fantastic job of adapting in-game. Furthermore, I would say that’s a really, really huge issue for any Bill Belichick defence when they’re playing. You know, you can see one thing, and in that case, you can anticipate things changing if you happen to hit an explosive or whatever else. Thus, their defence of one of our plays in the final moments of the game differed from their defence on the first three or four occasions. They made adjustments. We were able to travel down there after receiving a call.

(When you realise that, is that only accepting the offer from the defence?) –

Tua Tagovailoa - September 17 | Press Conference

They won’t give up too many explosives, which is the most crucial aspect of this defence. They genuinely want you to put in yardage work. Furthermore, it’s unquestionably a take-what-you-give defence. They also play football with sound. In other words, they’re attempting to make you make errors.”
Thus, a 2–0 lead, with both victories coming away from home. How does that, in your opinion, affect the team? – “Well, I believe that winning anytime when travelling is a huge benefit. In this league, winning games away from home is difficult. However, as a team, we’re still figuring out who we are on offence, defence, and special teams. And we will go on watching films, developing, and improving. In my opinion, the defence performed admirably for us, providing us with several chances to get the ball in the end zone. Not one of us capitalised. And I felt our O-line played excellently. Our run defence was strong. It may have been expensive, but it’s a team sport, so I made the costly mistake of accepting what they gave me. Thus, I’m just glad we were able to prevail.”

There were a few instances where it appeared as though the Patriots might gain the upper hand, but each time, the team would appear to be responding to the call. Did the coaches say anything during the huddle? – Indeed. A blowout is hardly something you can expect in prime-time football. You always assume that a game against an NFL team will be quite close. We have good guys on our side, and they have good guys on theirs. Whoever performs the best on both sides of the ball will win. As I mentioned, I believe our boys performed admirably. We’re overjoyed to have prevailed. However, there are numerous lessons to be learned.”

(How great is it that Raheem Mostert scored 121 yards?)

Tua Tagovailoa - September 17 | Press Conference
That speaks volumes about all the guys in his immediate vicinity. It’s evidence of Rob Hunt, Jaylen Waddle, and Tyreek Hill. Austin Jackson—Connor Williams I’ll keep naming them. There’s Isaiah Wynn. Alec Ingold and Kendall Lamm are here. It is a credit to all those guys who, by placing an umbrella over our guys, were essentially telling us, “Hey, if you’re going to beat us, you’re going to have to run the ball.” Thus, it’s well earned in every way related to the run game, though I imagine Raheem would agree.”

Without Terron Armstead, I think Kendall Lamm did a good job. Tonight, Andrew Van Ginkel gave an extremely strong performance in Jaelan Phillips’ absence. What does it, in your opinion, indicate about the depth of skill on this roster? – Indeed. It appears to say a lot. The assurance with which those men enter the game and occupy positions vacated by exceptionally talented players and players who have established a reputation for themselves in this league Nobody blinks, though. Take that, NFL. Those people are aware of what is expected of them when they assume that role. Furthermore, Kendall [Lamm] has performed admirably. Gink, or Andrew Van Ginkel, has performed incredibly well. The best part is that, while not receiving any recognition, those men are among the toughest workers you will see on a daily basis in the building. They maintain a downward gaze. They let their play do the talking instead of their speaking much.”

I’m not sure whether you watched the Jaylen Waddle helmet-to-helmet replay.

Clearly, it was a foul. To what extent did you worry about him? “You guys always worry when one of your guys gets hurt. However, I got to see him, and it looks like he’s doing well. So I wish him all the best.
(What transpired during the poorly executed snap near the end?) Of course. I am fully to blame for that. I was making changes to some items that I shouldn’t have. And I have to see C. Connor [Williams] to get that repaired.

(You are currently 5 for 0 against the defence of Bill Belichick.)

Tua Tagovailoa - September 17 | Press Conference

(How do you do this correctly?) “

I believe that against Bill Belichick, our team is 5 and 0.” It is never my fault. It is never my fault. Furthermore, I don’t believe we ever consider it “oh, we beat them once, twice, or five times in a row.” It’s always a challenge playing on Coach Belichick’s team. We also know that we will receive their finest. However, it’s challenging to compete against such a club, particularly out here in Foxborough on the road. Regardless of how they arrive, we will accept them. And we’ll keep going with whatever squad we have coming up.”
(On the last play, when you saw your favourite player, Mike Gesicki, get the ball,

reach, and lateral it, what were you thinking?) – Indeed.

Mike Gesicki made a very astute play, considering that he didn’t have the first down when he took that action. However, it was extremely awesome to watch Mike go outside. He appeared to be enjoying himself while making some impressive catches and some very important ones. It was nice to see DeVante Parker, DP, another former teammate, facing X [Xavien Howard] once more, almost like it was practice. However, they play with abandon. They had a great performance. It was also cool. It was really close, so I want to thank you all.”


1.What was Tua Tagovailoa’s opinion of the defensive tactic that was employed against him on September 17, 2023?Tua stated that the defensive approach, which at first concentrated on using an umbrella defence to shield their speedy receivers, didn’t surprise him. The defence demonstrated its ability to change tactics during the game by adjusting them as it went on.

2.How does Tua feel about Bill Belichick’s defence of the New England Patriots?

Tua agreed that the Patriots’ defence strives to prevent big plays and pushes opponents to work for yardage. They strive to force opponents into mistakes and play fundamentally solid football, he added.

3.Regarding the team’s 2-0 start to the season—both victories coming away from home—what does Tua think?

In Tua’s opinion, winning an NFL away game is a noteworthy achievement. He added that there is still opportunity for development and that the squad is still discovering who it is as an offence, defence, and special teams unit.

4.Regarding Raheem Mostert’s 121 rushing yards throughout the contest, what did Tua think of his performance?

Tua gave credit for Mostert’s success to the offensive line, as well as to Tyreek Hill, Jaylen Waddle, Rob Hunt, and the team’s blocking. He stressed that it was a result of the team’s strong run game and that it was well-earned.

5.How does Tua evaluate the team’s depth of talent, particularly in the absence of important players like Terron Armstead and Jaelan Phillips?

Tua conveyed assurance over the breadth of skill present in the team. He praised players who stepped up when called upon, pointing out individuals like Andrew Van Ginkel and Kendall Lamm’s work ethic and capacity to play important roles.

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