Utah Football Dominated by Oregon State

Utah Football Dominated by Oregon State

No. 10 Utah 7 vs. No. 19 Oregon State 21: The Utes suffer their first defeat of the year as they are unable to score more than 200 yards of offence and don’t appear on the scoreboard until late in the fourth quarter.

Corvallis, Ore. A number of Utah coaches and players stated that their team needs to start looking at least somewhat threatening in the passing game before the game at Reser Stadium.

Their failure to pull it off ultimately meant their demise.

Utah Football Dominated by Oregon State

The 19th-ranked Beavers humiliated and embarrassed the No. 10-ranked Utes, handing them their first setback of the season, 21-7.

Throughout the whole game, Utah had very few instances where they were able to build any kind of momentum or string together several successful plays.

After going 3 of 12 passes for 35 yards earlier in the quarter, Nate Johnson was benched.

Utah Football Dominated by Oregon State

After a questionable penalty against OSU, Bryson Barnes’ next drive moved the Utes down to their 5-yard line. He was then sacked; another sack came from a poor snap, and he then made a horrifying interception.

In the fourth quarter, Johnson made a comeback to the game after Barnes was decked on a play that resulted in a roughing the passer penalty, a targeting call, and an ejection.

They never really got going, though, save for a three-play, 55-yard “drive” late in the fourth quarter that essentially involved tight end Thomas Yassmin dragging defenders along for the ride on what would end up being the Utes’ lone touchdown.

Utah’s offence managed just 198 yards in the end, and they didn’t break the century mark in passing until a few minutes remained in the game.

A defence that had performed admirably against Florida, Baylor, Weber State, and UCLA was unable to maintain that level of intensity against the Beavers.

Though they only gave up 358 total yards and recorded three sacks (two more by FBS leader Jonah Elliss) and 13 tackles for loss, they never produced the game-changing moments that typified their prior efforts.

As it enters its bye week, Utah is now 4-1 on the year.

The Utes play again at Rice-Eccles Stadium on October 14th, against Cal.

Utah is trailing Oregon State 14-0 after three quarters.Utah selected an alternative quarterback.

Even yet, the Utes have failed to score any points.

Utah Football Dominated by Oregon State

The Utes had some success moving the ball down the field in the beginning after benching ineffective Nate Johnson and returning to Bryson Barnes. They even managed to get into the scoring zone after a questionable defensive pass interference penalty put the ball at the five.

Barnes was then fired.

Then Jaren Kump snapped, and when Barnes ran to get it, he got fired.

Then Barnes made a poor pass that was quickly intercepted.

Utah’s offensive yardage at the end of the third quarter was 132.

Oregon State defeats Utah 14-0; Bryson Barnes wins.

Utah has been able to stay in the game thanks to its defence.

However, it doesn’t take long for their inevitable bad moment to escalate into catastrophe.

DJ Uiagalelei initially found Jesiah Irish for a 25-yard pass. On the following play, he found Silas Bolden at the 20-yard line, who avoided a JaTravis Broughton blitz and forced Sione Vaki to make a terrible cutback angle.

Bolden then scored a touchdown without being touched to give his team a 14-0 advantage.

Utah Football Dominated by Oregon State

In response, Utah benched Nate Johnson and returned to Bryson Barnes, who hadn’t played since the Baylor game’s fourth quarter (apart from a few garbage-time shots against Weber State).

Utah’s offensive total at the time of the switch was a mere 108 yards. For 35 yards, Johnson completed 3 of 12 passes.

At halftime, Oregon State leads Utah 7 to 0.Kyle Whittingham has said time and time again that Utah has to show off a more potent passing offence.

The opening half of Friday’s game at Reser Stadium saw the Utes as far away from it as possible.

Utah never had a credible-looking drive after their opening drive of the game, when they advanced to the OSU 35-yard line before turning it over on downs. Nate Johnson completed just 3 of 11 passes for 35 yards.

After it, they never really posed a threat.

Utah Football Dominated by Oregon State

The defence is holding the team in the game as usual.

They mainly calmed down after an error-filled opening series that yielded the game’s lone score. Although they have occasionally given up huge plays, their run defence has been stronger, and their pass rush is becoming more effective.

Utah had three sacks and nine tackles for loss by the end of the first half.

Utah loses two more starters in a brutal stretch and misses a touchdown opportunity.The Utah football team’s second-quarter experience on Friday night didn’t get any worse.

Protective end Logan Fano broke through the Oregon State line for a sack, but as he was on the ground, he was caught at the knee. Walking on crutches, he eventually left the pitch after walking to the medical tent to be examined.

It was around that time that Spencer, his brother, moved into the tent to take his position.

Utah Football Dominated by Oregon State
Utah Football Dominated by Oregon State

The younger Fano, a true freshman, has been outstanding so far as the starting left tackle.

To make the news of injuries even worse, they then ruined what should have been their best attacking play.

They created a plan that would have made tight end Landen King extremely successful. except for offensive lineman Michael Mokofisi’s false start to erase it.

Utah is down to Oregon State 6-0 after the first quarter.The Beavers are defying Nate Johnson’s arm-wrestling challenge by stacking the box.

As of right now, no.

In the first fifteen minutes, he completed just three of his seven throws for 35 yards. Utah’s running attack, meanwhile, only mustered 19 yards on seven carries.

The Utes’ defence, which had appeared disorganised at first, turned things around on the Beavers’ second drive by becoming stingy and stopping the run with Jonah Ellis’ sixth sack of the year.

Leading the way is Oregon State.

At Reser Stadium, Utah received the ball first. They made some progress down the field but stopped at the Oregon State 35.

On the next drive, the Beavers hardly ever stopped.

Utah Football Dominated by Oregon State

In 11 plays totaling 5:24, OSU covered 65 yards, and Damian Martinez’s four-yard touchdown run sealed the victory.

A number of significant errors were made by Utah’s highly respected defence, including a misaligned play on the opening play that allowed DJ Uiagalelei to gallop up the centre for 17 yards on a keeper. Afterwards, the Utes looked to have a stop on third-and-long, but cornerback JaTravis Broughton missed a tackle in the flat, which resulted in a convert.

Utah vs. Oregon State:

Utah Football Dominated by Oregon State

Nate Johnson begins as quarterbackOn Friday night, there was no chance that Cam Rising, who suffered an ACL injury, would recover in time for the Utah football team’s bye week.

During the pregame warmups at Reser Stadium, Rising was dressed in street clothes; therefore, redshirt freshman Nate Johnson will once again start.


Defensive end Connor O’Toole and running back Ja’Quinden Jackson don’t seem to be with the Utes either. But it looks like kicker Cole Becker is back. Johnny Maea, an offensive lineman, appeared as though he might make his debut.


1. What was the final score of the game between Utah and Oregon State?
  • The final score was 21-7 in favor of Oregon State.

2. Why did Utah struggle in this game?

  • Utah struggled primarily due to their ineffective passing game and difficulty in building momentum.

3. Who were the quarterbacks for Utah during the game?

  • Utah started with Nate Johnson but later switched to Bryson Barnes and then back to Johnson.

4. How many yards of offense did Utah manage in this game?

  • Utah’s offense managed only 198 yards throughout the game.

5. How did Utah’s defense perform in this game compared to previous ones?

  • Utah’s defense, although it recorded three sacks and tackles for loss, didn’t produce game-changing moments as in previous games.

6. What is Utah’s current season record after this loss?

  • After this loss, Utah’s season record stands at 4-1.

7. When is Utah’s next game, and who are they playing against?

  • Utah’s next game is on October 14th against Cal at Rice-Eccles Stadium.

8. What was the score at halftime of the game?

  • At halftime, Oregon State was leading 7-0.

9. What injuries did the Utah football team suffer during the game?

  • Defensive end Logan Fano suffered an injury to the knee, and there were other unspecified injuries as well.

10. Who was the starting quarterback for Utah due to Cam Rising’s injury?

  • Nate Johnson started as the quarterback for Utah due to Cam Rising’s ACL injury.


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