Vikings Get Cam Akers for 2026 Picks

Vikings Get Cam Akers for 2026 Picks

According to the Los Angeles Rams, on Thursday, they acquired 2026 late-round picks in exchange for Cam Akers from the Minnesota Vikings. Akers was reportedly on the trading block three days before the transaction. Over the Rams’ 30-23 Week 2 loss to the 49ers on Sunday, Akers did not play.

Vikings Get Cam Akers for 2026 Picks


General manager Les Snead has had conversations with several clubs regarding the Akers, according to The Athletic, of which head coach Sean McVay informed reporters on Monday, thus providing crucial confirmation to Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer’s claim.

Vikings Get Cam Akers for 2026 Picks

McVay stated, via, “I felt like that was best for our football team.” What Ronnie Rivers and Royce Freeman had done, together with the fact that Kyren Williams felt he had given us the best possibility, led me to make that choice.

Following his recovery from an Achilles injury suffered during the summer, Akers—a former second-round selection—helped the Rams win the Super Bowl in his second season. Notwithstanding his trade request throughout the first half of the season, he ran for a career-high 786 yards and seven touchdowns last year. In the Rams’ home opener against the Seahawks, Akers managed just 29 yards and a touchdown on 22 carries.

Vikings Get Cam Akers for 2026 Picks

“While I have a great deal of respect for Cam Akers, I thought that was the right call for our football team on this particular day, in this game, and going forward,” McVay continued.

The Vikings’ rushing assault, which is currently the worst in the NFL after two weeks, will have Akers join them in Minnesota. As Akers’ offensive coordinator during his first two seasons with the Rams, Kevin O’Connell, the head coach of the Vikings, will join him again.

From the transaction that sent Akers to Minnesota, here is how each team fared:

Slavs: B

Vikings Get Cam Akers for 2026 Picks

The Vikings deserve praise for their relentless efforts to strengthen their running back position. The Vikings have a former second-round pick in Akers who is acquainted with O’Connell, and after two weeks, it was evident they needed something to jump-start their ground game. For paying so little to get Akers, Minnesota deserves special recognition.

When healthy, Akers was a more than good starter for the Rams, although he hasn’t proved to be great. To start Sunday’s game against the also winless Chargers, the Vikings, who are now 0-2 overall, might find that sufficient.

Rams: C

Vikings Get Cam Akers for 2026 Picks

Akers wasn’t expected to be a major contributor to the offense, despite the Rams like Kyren Williams and his performance in Week 1. But given that the Rams supposedly spoke with numerous teams about Akers, it’s not fantastic that they hardly received anything in return. 

Vikings Get Cam Akers for 2026 Picks

Still, the Rams were essentially at a loss for power in this matter. Previous teams were probably not prepared to part with much since they knew they wanted to trade Akers. For a man who averaged 1.3 yards per rush in Week 1, the Rams received something, even though it wasn’t much.


**1. What made the Los Angeles Rams decide to trade Cam Akers?** – Sean McVay, the head coach of the team, believed it was the right move, pointing to the potential of Kyren Williams as well as the performances of other running backs like Royce Freeman and Ronnie Rivers.

**2. What conditions were there in the Rams and Vikings deal for Cam Akers?**-The information you gave lacked details about the trade, including the particular late-round picks that were transferred.


**3. Following the deal, how did Cam Akers perform for the Rams?** – The previous season, Cam Akers recorded a career-high 786 running yards and seven touchdowns. His performance in the Rams’ home opener, though, wasn’t as strong.


**4. In the first half of the season, what preceded Cam Akers’ request for a trade?**-The details you gave do not accurately state the motivations behind Cam Akers’ trade request.

**5. Who is the Minnesota Vikings head coach and what is his relationship to Cam Akers?* ** – Before joining the Vikings, Kevin O’Connell oversaw offensive coordinator duties for Cam Akers during his first two seasons with the Rams.


**6. What was the Vikings’ running game like before to signing Cam Akers?** – The research notes that after two weeks, the Vikings’ rushing attack was the weakest in the NFL, which probably sparked their interest in Cam Akers.

**7. What was the media’s assessment of the Vikings and Rams trade?* ** – The research indicated that the Rams were rated less favorably than the Vikings for their attempts to bolster their running back situation.

**8. Did the Rams get a fair return in exchange for Cam Akers?* **

– The evidence implies that the Rams got very little in return for Cam Akers, but it also mentions that the fact that other teams knew they wanted to trade him might have restricted their alternatives.

**9. In light of his recovery from an Achilles injury sustained during the summer, how did Cam Akers perform in his second season with the Rams?** – Cam Akers, in spite of his Achilles injury recovery, was a key player in the Rams’ Super Bowl victory in his second season.

**10. How will the Vikings’ season be affected by the trade of Cam Akers?* ** – According to the information, the Vikings might consider Cam Akers as a possible starter to strengthen their rushing game and extend their season.

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